About me!

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About me!

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I’m a full stack geek with a lot of love for latest technologies. Experienced in MEAN stack, JAVA/Android and as ASP/.NET and always exploring new ways of development. With great skills and teamwork capabilities, I can develop state-of-the-art software solutions for you.


Caremerge / Careaxiom
Full-Stack Developer - (July 2016 - Present)

Working as a full stack developer at careaxiom. Working at the backend with nodejs, mocha, bluebird, gulp and webpack and a lot of other super awesome modules. I did setup angular testcase boilerplate, upgraded sequelize from v2 to latest v4, enabled parallel testing on Travis to help save us time and a made this cool hubot caari which help us in dozens of daily tasks with slack.

Founder - (Aug 2016 - Present)

caari is an open source bot. Based on an idea to provide multiple integrations through one service. Like Travis, Slack, Google Docs, Facebook, Github and more. It’s built on Hubot with the coffee script.

Lead Developer - (July 2015 - Dec 2015)

Payload was a startup incubated at Plan9 in the sixth cycle. We implemented a Bitcoin and blockchain technology and service system. More like a POS for sellers to accept bitcoin as a payment medium from their customers. We won 500$ Prize money at Throwathon which was held at LUMS by NetSol. At Payload I worked on Nodejs / Expressjs (Sailsjs too) / PostgreSQL / Angular / Bootstrap / HTML5. Check Github repo.

Microsoft Student Partner
(Sep 2013 - Aug 2015)

With the collaboration of MIC, I served as MSP at PUCIT for two years. Where I helped students in many of Microsoft Technologies Projects and also arranged many training sessions for students. I also achieved MCP certificates as:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate - Database Administration
  • Microsoft Technology Associate - HTML5 App Development
  • Microsoft Technology Associate - Software Development
  • Microsoft Technology Associate - Windows Operation System
Other achivemnets

I also have a keen interest in online courses. I have completed dozens of them on different platforms. The most amazing one was Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. A 3 months course held at Stanford University with participants from all around the world by Prof.Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun back in 2011. Which was a great success and led to the formation of Udacity later on.

For more info, check my LinkedIn page from below.